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Bluebell Opticom launches Stagebox Technology.

Cabsat 2013 will see the Middle East launch on the Bluebell stand of the latest camera back interface technology.

The Net Caddie is a new compact camera interface using the revolutionary “Stagebox by BBC Research & Development” technology. 
Net Caddie allows HD-SDI to be injected directly into a standard IP network environment. 

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Net Caddie transforms the entire camera’s bidirectional linear control, audio and video signals into packet based IP protocols, all on a single Cat6 cable to simplify workflows and rigging.

By using “Stagebox by BBC Research & Development” technology with 100MB/s AVC-I compression, the HD-SDI is converted and carried over the network in full broadcast quality video. This allows a remote camera to be used directly in the production environment.  Net Caddie provides video, audio and ancillary information over a time synchronous network.  

Most importantly the system is completely synchronised providing an IP equivalent to a genlocked SDI system.  Timing and control is based on IEEE 1588 and the proposed SMPTE timing standard.The system also allows remote connection of video sources, editing workstations and monitoring equipment. The IP stream also feeds directly into a workstation and can be viewed with many open standard software decoders.

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Click on following link to see an interview from NAB 2012 describing Stagebox technology :

News and Events

  • ShaxX

    The ShaxX is designed to provide power to remote Sony cameras in a venue via standard SMPTE Hybrid Cables.  Each unit is in a rugged and robust aluminium enclosure and is specifically designed for the harsh environment of an outside broadcast event.

    Power can be inserted into the cable and power is delivered to the camera which can be up to 300m away. ShaxX

  • New card additions

    We have recently added two variants to the TDM-700 Series of multiplexing cards.
    The TDM-730 offers HD-SDI and Ethernet while the TDM-720 multiplexes HD and data.
    Please contact for more information.

  • BlueLite


    BlueLite, a portable fibre interface for OBs and portable cranes

  • Upcoming Events

    We will be at IBC in September 10.F24.  We have some interesting product launches and more news on Stagebox.
    Please call by to see the latest additions to our range of interfaces.

  • Stagebox

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    For full data on the Net Caddie Stagebox Camera Interface, clik here

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